Agriculture plays a crucial role in the Indian economy. Almost 60 percent of the Indian workforce is involved in agriculture, but that has not resulted in substantial growth of the sector.

The objective of BSc (Agriculture) program is to educate future agricultural scientists, who have general knowledge and skills in agricultural production, process and farming based on agricultural, natural, technical and economical sciences in diverse areas of modern agriculture. Theoretical knowledge supports further study at M.Sc level provided by the B. Sc. programme.


Graduates with a B.Sc in Agriculture will be able to

  • manage agricultural enterprises with different scales in area of agricultural production, process and trade

  • hold a post on supply in administration and policy
  • analyze and control commercial and economical process in the field of agriculture
  • teach how to control and manage agricultural production
  • introduce general production technologies
  • teach how to implement and manage production technologies
  • prepare for taking managerial and social responsibilities

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