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B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science) (Honours) – Biotechnology

The B.Sc. (Honours) Biotechnology Programme is affiliated to Bundelkhand University and is recognized by state government. Biotechnology is one of the most rapidly growing fields of applied science having applications from the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions to enhancement of food production.

The three-year degree of B.Sc. (Honours) Biotechnology is designed to give you the knowledge and skills that will enable you to take full advantage of opportunities that will ensue from the expansion of this area. The main focus of the course will be on ’molecular biotechnology’, which includes the themes of molecular biology, immunology, and bioinformatics. Although there will be an emphasis on laboratory-scale biotechnology, the course will foster an awareness of its applications e.g. food production, livestock breeding, medicine, and production of renewable fuel.

Course facilities include well-equipped and refurbished laboratories and teaching rooms as well as programme specific IT facilities. The faculty members are a careful assortment of knowledge, experience and expertise who have demonstrated their capabilities in their past academic endeavours.

The programme seeks to graduate biotechnologists, armed not only with the academic knowledge but also with the skills and abilities to work in the challenging biotechnology industries. A biotechnology degree is passport to many exciting areas such as drug design, medical biotechnology, food and drink technology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, forensics, environmental management and beyond. Opportunities for qualified biotechnologists exist in multinational companies, entrepreneurial enterprises, the health service, research industry, academia and dedicated research organizations.

Aims of the programme is to graduate well-educated biotechnologists with the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary for employment in the fields of biotechnology including Medical, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, Environmental and Industrial biotechnology.

To develop graduates who have a critical, analytical and flexible approach to problem-solving in the field of biotechnology.

To prepare graduates who are able to work independently and use initiative in solving the diverse problems that may be encountered.

The department of applied science looks after all the subjects for students of B.Tech, first year. The basic idea behind teaching subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Professional Communication, etc., is that it builds a strong foundation over which the further years of study can be fabricated. The elementary knowledge of these subjects builds concepts which facilitate the students during their entire career. It is during the first year that the students can decide the trade in which they wish to pursue their engineering.

Also it is made sure that topics covered are followed by laboratory experiments so that the basics are properly incorporated in the future professionals. The labs thus add to the pedagogy and are well equipped as per the syllabus of UPTU

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