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B.Sc (Food Technology)

Food Technology has revolutionized the food habits of the people in our country by offering cooked and secured packaged foods in attractive forms. Consumption of processed foods is noticeable across almost all sections of the population. And so, the market for processed food is growing very fast.

Salient Features

  • Provides knowledge in food science and the principles underlying food processing, industrial management practices, preservation techniques, packaging methods, etc.
  • Gives candidates a thorough basic understanding of production processes.
  • Enables them to design novel processing approaches and to undertake product development.
  • Enables the student to gain a basic understanding of the physical and chemical properties of food and its subsequent behavior of food and food ingredients under different processing conditions.
  • Teaches the student to investigate the basic nature of food and its nutritional, physical and chemical properties, to develop new and safe food products, control and management of the quality of processed foods.

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