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Green Forms - How To Use Online Documentation

Embedding Green Forms

To embed Green Forms into any website you need perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that website has DOCTYPE. If not, add the following line as a first line of HTML-document:
  2. Make sure that website loads jQuery version 1.9 or higher. If not, add the following line into head section of HTML-document:
  3. Copy the following JS-snippet and paste it into website code. You need paste it at the end of body section (above closing </body> tag).
  4. Integration finished!

Using Green Forms

You can insert forms as regular inline forms or/and raise them as popups.

  1. Use the following HTML-code to embed the form into HTML-document as inline form:
  2. Use the following URL with a link/button (href attribute) to open the form in popup mode:
  3. Use the following javascript function to open the form in popup mode:

Replace {FORM-ID} by real Form ID. You can find Form ID by clicking icon on Forms page.